Nissan Security+Plus

by Nissan of Santa Rosa

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Inspection Information

Starting April 1st, 2010

Nissan requires any contract purchaser to have an inspection completed prior to the Security+Plus contract taking effect. (We will supply you with the applicable documents and you can have any Nissan dealer complete the form.) Nissan Inspection Form

Why is this important?

If you were to purchase a Security+Plus plan without and did not have the vehicle inspection complete the follow can happen. Let's say you were to have a claim 60 days from the date you purchased your Security+Plus plan; any claim within 90 days automatically gets flagged within Nissan's system and they are able to deny the claim and cancel the policy if all the supporting documentation isn't on file. (Application & Inspection)

We supply the required inspection form both via electronic file and also via UPS with your application information. All you need to do is contact a local Nissan dealer and arrange for the Service Department to look at your vehicle. It's not a difficult step and it'll protect you and your vehicle in the long run.